Meet the Team

Trevor Stark, Founder


Trevor Stark

Trevor is the self-proclaimed leader of the Vanultra nerds and has spent more time in college than Van Wilder. He has always enjoyed the rumble of a motor between his legs and thus has explored many of the Western States on two wheels. His lust for adrenaline slowed from a Spring’s snowmelt river to Fall’s trickling creek after he crashed and broke his back at a motorcross track. Some say his prime has come and gone, just like his hair, but he still thinks that he is spring chicken. He has worked in product development and manufacturing within the aerospace and automotive industries for more than a decade. He always discovers ways to release the adventurous spirit within his friends and family.

Ana Stark, Co-Founder


Ana Stark

Ana has the open-minded “let’s try it” attitude. You’ll likely find her near a body of water and 90% of the times in it (at least her toes). If she’s not there she’s probably at your local Chinese restaurant stuffing down dumplings or chow mein. Trevor and Ana met in manufacturing class, over time they realized they both shared values in their love and appreciation for the outdoors and the benefits of exploration. Ana values continuous improvement and sustainability in her industrial engineering career and has held various roles within aerospace and distribution. You’ll often catch her checking in on her team like this: 👍 👍. If things aren’t well, she will take the time to make them well. “We’re having fun, right?” she’ll ask, and your answer better be “yes”.

James Edwards, Engineer II

Engineer II

James Edwards

James was born and raised in Southern California, where he got his associate degree in mathematics and enjoyed dirt bike riding out in the desert. Through the roller coaster of life, he now lives in the (much more frigid) state of Illinois and is happily married. His past experience includes drafting and design work with Hummingbird Aero, where he contributed to the designs of helicopter parts. In his free time, James enjoys work on personal computer game projects, and hopes to someday publish his own games out into the wild. He is a big nerd when it comes to anything related to space, jets, big walking robots. 

Cookie, Explorer Enforcer

Explorer Enforcer


Cookie, the one who reminds us to take a break and go outside. To go on a car ride and explore. To take the hike someplace new. He is the happiest out camping, at 17 years old, not much gets his tail up and wagging anymore but boy you should see him out on an adventure.