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Low Profile Roof Rack RTT Mounts

Low Profile Roof Rack RTT Mounts

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Ready to remove your roof top tent from your low-profile SUV roof rack without having to access the bottom of your tent? With this innovative new design, you can simply stand at your rear bumper and open and close the RTT mounts with an electric drill in seconds. No longer do you need to remove your cross bars or scratch up your knuckles trying to get to the bottom of your tent.

After four months of development work with the Sherpa Equipment Company, we are excited to release a whole new method of installing and removing your roof top tent. This mounting system is specifically targeted for SUVs like Ford Broncos and Toyota 4Runners running low profile roof racks like Sherpa, Prinsu, TrailRax, UpTop, Wescott and more.  The mounts act as large hooks that are designed to hook the front and rear cross bars. With the help of an electric drill, simply drive the long stainless steel threaded rod to open or close the RTT mounts. The system is perfect for RTT owners who have limited or no access to the bottom of their tents once installed on their vehicles.

The mountings hooks are specifically designed for 8020 2" wide x 1" tall cross bars that are most common on SUV roof racks. They are able to accept other roof racks like ARB Base Rack, Front Runner Slimeline, Prinsu Pro, AluCab cross bars and others that have approximately 1" tall cross bar height.


  • A for the majority of tents, but see below if you have those specific tents
  • B for Intrepid or James Baroud tents
  • C for Inspired Overland or The Bush Company tents

By filling out the information of your set up we will confirm we ship the right option to you! 

Early adopter pre-production special

We are currently offering a small batch run of pre-production units at a discounted price of $225-245. We only manufactured 25 vehicles worth of mounts to learn more about use cases and to gain real-life experience.  With this discounted price we are hoping to gain invaluable feedback from early adopters to learn how we can further improve the product before manufacturing hundreds of units. We are seeking your help to create content, spread the word, explore new applications, and work out any bugs. Please recognize that these mounts are an innovative new approach to solving a problem and may need some minor fine tuning. We will offer support for all of our customers and offer improvement upgrades as we determine best practices and tweaks. If this sounds like a great fit for you, please help support us in this new product launch!

Additional Information about the Mounts

The mounts ship fully assembled and ready to slide into your tent mounting rail. NOTE: The mounts will raise your tent 1", we learned that this was necessary to avoid rattle noises. The threaded rods are 6 feet (72 inches) in length and are designed to fit full length wedge style roof top tents. If you have a shorter length clamp-shell or soft-shell roof top tent, please specify the length of your roof top tent and we can cut the threaded rod shorter as needed.

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We have created a short series of Youtube videos for the development and testing of this new product. If you are not ready to purchase yet but want to monitor the progress of this new mounting system, please subscribe to the project here. We will email you notifications about product updates and new video releases.